Here are some of our key team members, for both general strategy and management advisory, and specific industries as our core competencies.
In each respective category, these are not all of our regular team members, and we may vary the composition of a project team, depending on project objectives.
If you need information about our experience and team for specific service lines (e.g. restructuring advisory), or other industries (food, IT, etc.), do feel free to contact us.

Strategy, Efficiency & Restructuring Advisory

Andrew Afanasiev


Managing Partner, CEO


Lomonosov Moscow State University, Institute of Asian and African Studies, socio-economic department, 1999
Majors – regional economic research, Mandarin Chinese language 


Andrew Afanasiev founded the strategy and management consultancy practice in Feb 2009, following a successful career in major international institutions. This period has also included a term as Head of Integration & Separation Advisory and COO of the Strategy Group at KPMG. Altogether, Andrew has 20+ years experience in research, strategy and management consulting, and integration advisory. He was born and grew up in the US, before moving to Russia in the early 1990s.

Throughout 2008 Andrew worked as Head of Research, Chief Strategist, and acting Head of Equities of the Russian subsidiary of Nordic European Glitnir Bank. His primary role was post-M&A integration, including strategy development and efficiency improvement for Icelandic and Finnish shareholders of Glitnir’s Russian office. Andrew helped transform Glitnir into one of the top three investment banks in Russia in 2008 in terms of net profit margin, enabling the bank to break even against the backdrop of a 70% stock market decline.

In 2001-2008 Andrew worked at US business data & analytics major ISI Emerging Markets, serving as Head of CIS Strategic Analysis (2001-2006), and then Global Head of M&A Research and Management Board member for EMEA (2006-2008). At ISI Andrew was personally responsible for selection of acquisition targets and subsequent business integration (Russia, China/Hong Kong), and also for development of alternative partnership options, including JVs and outsourcing schemes (Bulgaria, India). In addition, Andrew ran a number of projects on both regional and global levels, involving creation of new lines of business and operational efficiency improvement.


Vasiliy Marenkov


Project Manager, Head of Restructuring Advisory

  • Moscow State Forestry University

  • Higher School of Finance and Management at RANEPA (Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration)
    Specialization - management, business restructuring, finance

  • 2003-2012 – Before joining SCA, Vasiliy served as General Director/Deputy General Director of companies in a number of economic sectors, including real estate development, entertainment industry, production of thermal insulation materials, corrugated packaging production, non-metallic minerals mining, internet services, and others. Has significant experience in business turnarounds; manufacturing, finance, and sales & distribution network optimization

  • 2011-2012 - Consultant/mentor in business accelerator for technological start-ups TexDrive

  • 2007-2009 - Investment manager in analysis of various investment projects and businesses, and their selection for further investments or M&A activities

  • 2003-2007 - Independent business consultant, acting as top manager on request by company shareholders. Main activities: attracting equity investments, investment project development, financial and organizational restructuring, strategy development, etc.

  • 2002-2003 - Consultant - Corporate Finance (Business Valuation Group), Ernst & Young
    Main projects: business valuation, investment analysis and investment project development, feasibility studies, etc.

  • 1999-2001 – Consultant, Corporate Recovery, Arthur Andersen
    Main projects: investment analysis and investment project development; banking sector bankruptcy; manufacturing company bankruptcy; development and implementation of strategy planning systems, budgeting systems, management accounting, internal controls; improving organizational structures; business valuation, improving business operations, etc.

  • 1998-1999 - Deputy Finance Director, major Russian furniture company


Anna Stebenkova


Project Manager; Senior Industry Expert, Real Estate, Retail Trade


Moscow State University for International relations (MGIMO), 1997
Specialization – international relations; languages - Korean, English


Anna has been working as a senior consultant at SCA since the end of 2012, being responsible for concept development and optimization in large projects in commercial real estate and retail trade (Russia, Latvia, Republic of Korea).

Anna has extensive experience in commercial real estate and related areas of over 20 years. She played a key role in a number of major projects in Russia, in leading Korean player Lotte Group, including its market foray into the Russian market.

Also, Anna served as commercial director in a large real estate development company with Moscow government ownership. In her role, she was responsible for concept development and execution in prominent shopping malls, office buildings, and the company’s hotel and residential property business.


  • 2005-2011 – Novinsky Boulevard, 31, Moscow, Russia (development, property management) – commercial director; from 2008 – commercial director/ deputy general director

  • 1997-2005 - Lotte Hotel Co., Ltd., Seoul, RoK (hotel, retail, etc. real estate development)
    - 2001-2005 – international project department, planning division manager
    - 2000-2001 – member of exhibition organizing committee (Russia: 100 years of culture and arts)
    - 1997-2000 – sales and marketing department, Hotel Lotte World, sales manager

In 2005, according to Seoul city administration’s decree, Anna was awarded the status of Seoul honorary citizen, per the Russian Embassy’s request, for her contribution to the development of Russian-Korean relations.


Natalia Sharova


Senior Consultant, Corporate Finance


All-Russian Distance Institute of Finance and Economics, specialization – finance and credit, 1996


Natalia specializes in corporate finance, and financial modeling, and has extensive experience in restructuring troubled assets. She has held a number of managerial positions in international and Russian banks over the years, some of which she helped redesign and re-launch in the interests of new shareholders.

From Dec 2014 and until spring of 2020, Natalia served as deputy, then acting Finance Director at the Russian branch of Japanese SBI Bank. In her role, she was also responsible for strategy development and risk management, as the bank restructured the business of a troubled medium-sized bank it had acquired, and then re-launched under the SBI Bank brand.

Previously, for almost three years until the end of 2014, she was a Project Manager, then Chief Accountant and Board member at Oney Bank, a subsidiary of Auchan Group. She helped establish the Russian legal entity and set up key finance and other functions at the bank

For 7.5 years, from 2003 and through the end of 2011, she worked at BSGV Vostok (later merged into Rosbank, part of Societe Generale Group), as Deputy Chief Accountant.

Earlier, she held managerial positions in Evrazmet (metallurgy, trading), Bank of Moscow, European Trade Bank, Home Bank, and Grant Bank.

Photo Klimov Alexander.jpg

Alexander Klimov


Consultant, Strategy Advisory

  • Lomonosov Moscow State University, Economics department, specialization – international economy, MA, 2003

  • PhD in Economics, specialization – international economy, 2008


Alexander joined SCA’s team in 2018, and has been working on projects involving macroeconomic and industry analysis, especially in cross-border investment projects. Alexander previously worked in SCA Managing Partner and CEO Andrew Afanasiev’s team at business data and analytics major ISI Emerging Markets (2006-2012)

Alexander had joined ISI at a time when the company was acquiring M&A DB and analytics services in various countries, preparing to launch its acclaimed DealWatch M&A DB and analytics service. He played an important role in developing ISI’s deal analysis, structuring, and valuation methodologies, and establishing efficient operational processes

Eventually he became ISI’s CIS Senior M&A Analyst, managing a team of analysts spread out across the former Soviet Union. He also oversaw the compilation of regular M&A reports on Russia and the CIS, and contributed to numerous M&A deals conducted by ISI’s international and local clients

Alexander also has significant experience working for leading Russian business media, as editor, and corporate sales manager (in total, 8 years)

Earlier, in 2003-2004, he worked as Senior information and analysis expert at Russian Development Bank, focusing on banking sector analysis

Oil&Gas, Chemical

Vladimir Igonin


Senior Industry Expert, Oil&Gas Industry


Lomonosov Moscow State University, geography department


Vladimir has over 10 years experience working in the oil&gas industry. Before joining the SCA team in early 2017, Vladimir was responsible for efficiency improvement and optimization planning in oil refining at a major vertically integrated oil company (VIOC). 

Vladimir successfully managed a large-scale oil refining and sales network supply chain optimization project at the company in CIS region. 
Vladimir also participated in sales network and manufacturing business unit strategy development projects both in Russia, and in other countries.

Previously, he also played an active role in the development and actualization of Russia’s Energy Strategy. 
He possesses extensive industry analysis and financial modeling skills, and is an expert in oil and oil product pricing on local and global markets.


Sergey Zubarev


Senior Industry Expert, Oil&Gas Industry


Omsk State Technical University


Sergey has gone from technological unit operator at the Omsk refinery to head of operational efficiency practice at a large vertically integrated oil company (VIOC). He participated and managed large-scale projects in construction and commissioning secondary processes units at a number of oil refineries in Russia and other European countries.

Sergey specializes in modern oil refining technologies, perspective technological development, and improving operational efficiency.


Denis Zhilin


Senior Industry Expert, Chemical Industry

  • Lomonosov Moscow State University, chemistry department, 1994

  • PhD in Chemistry, specialization – organic chemistry, environmental protection and rational use of natural resources, 1998


Denis joined SCA’s team in early 2019, and has been working on projects, involving assessment of market volumes, potential niches and other parameters of investment projects, plus evaluation of chemical production technologies. Denis has substantial experience in this field, working with major chemical industry players

Simultaneously, Denis heads R&D projects at Scientific Entertainment, manufacturer of laboratory equipment and science learning kits. In this role, he develops educational automated systems for chemical experiments (with patent search and design documentation preparation)


  • Earlier, in 2013-2018 Denis worked as Lead specialist of science laboratories at State Polytechnic museum, in 2009 – 2013 – Docent at Moscow Institute of Open Education, in 2000-2005 – Researcher at the chemistry department of Lomonosov Moscow State University

  • From 1994, Denis has been teaching chemistry at several public schools; and has been participating as an expert in various international and Russian chemistry education committee, as well as international R&D projects

  • From 2018, together with Prosveshenie publishing house, Russian Chemists Union, Phosagro and SIBUR chemical majors, Denis has been arranging educational videos on chemical manufacturing

  • From 2017 and to this day, Denis is a Deputy at the Mozhaiskiy municipal district in Moscow

  • Altogether, Denis has authored 5 textbooks, more than 20 articles on pedagogy, 9 research articles (including several articles in English), and a large number of popular science articles


Alexander Kolomeyets


Assistant Manager, Strategy Advisory; Industry Expert, Oil&Gas, Petrochemical Industries


Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO University), department of international economic relations


Alexander is responsible for market analysis, strategy development, financial modeling, and operational efficiency improvement, with a focus on the oil&gas and chemical sector. Before joining the team, Alexander worked in managerial positions in analytical and business strategy departments of a leading petrochemical, and before that a major oil&gas corporation.

Previously, Alexander worked as Strategy and Investment Adviser to the CEO of Russian private equity fund INALEX. At INALEX, he was responsible for identifying new market and investment opportunities, financial modeling and business plan compilation; evaluation of risks associated with new investments and existing businesses; market analysis and reporting; operational efficiency improvement and restructuring.

Prior to that, Alexander was a consultant at international strategy & marketing consulting company Stas Marketing Partners, where he was engaged in consulting projects in telecommunications, aviation, petrochemicals, sports, tourism & hospitality sectors.

Healthcare, Biotechnologies

Natalia Kubalova


Senior Industry Expert, Healthcare Industry


Russian State Tourism and Service Industry University, Economics Department, 1994


Natalia is a highly experienced professional in the areas of finance and management, with a keen focus on healthcare and energy sectors.



  • In 2001-2008, Natalia served as Deputy Head of Accounting and Tax department of power monopoly RAO UES, playing an important role in developing and implementing the program of energy sector restructuring

  • In 2008-2011, Natalia worked as Head of Treasury and Liquidity Management Department of energy transmission major MRSK, being responsible for financial control over modernization program implementation, and construction of a new energy complex in Krasnodar region during preparation for Sochi Olympics 2014

  • Simultaneously, in 2008-2011, Natalia acted as a minority shareholder and consultant of aesthetic beauty and recreational medicine clinic Ailano

  • In 2014, Natalia became a shareholder and director general of a large children’s clinic in Moscow, where she was working when she joined SCA in Jan 2017

  • Afterwards Natalia sold her stake in this clinic to foreign investors from Eastern Europe, specializing in medical rehabilitation. Now she actively helps them further develop the clinic and diversify its service range


Svetlana Kolesnik


Senior Industry Expert, Healthcare Industry

  • Pirogov Russian National Medical Research University, Pediatrics Department, specialization - pediatrics

  • Russian Surgery Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Clinical Residency, specialization - clinical laboratory diagnostics

  • Doctor of the highest category qualification, active

  • Continuous medical education, certification and qualification enhancement training courses


Svetlana joined SCA's healthcare team in early 2018, having built a distinguished career in clinical laboratory diagnostics and adjacent healthcare areas. In her past government roles, Svetlana spearheaded the development of clinical laboratory diagnostics and corresponding methodologies in Russia over the last several decades, and has become a revered medical expert.

She has substantial experience launching and optimizing the work of laboratories and multi-functional clinics, from supply chain to medical R&D, sales network and customer service, diagnostic test logistics, medical IT systems, cooperation with insurers, etc.

Simultaneously with her work at SCA, Svetlana serves as Development Director at ABT Immunology Laboratory, which focuses on new generation tuberculosis tests, produced in cooperation with Oxford Immunotec (UK). Svetlana established and managed the company's operations in Russia, and now works on a broader array of infectious lung diseases, together with leading Russian pharma developer and manufacturer Generium.

Previously, she worked in top management roles at a number of state and private healthcare institutions, including leading diagnostic network Citilab (Medical Director); National Agency for Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmaceutics (Laboratory Department Director); Dialab Plus, MedLux, LMS Clinic - Bud' Zdorov brand (chief/ deputy chief medical officer, deputy CEO); and Russian Surgery Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Chief specialist for clinical laboratory diagnostics). 


Yuri Nefedov


Senior Industry Expert, Beauty & Wellness Industry

  • Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics, and Informatics (MESI), Information systems in economics department, 1997

  • Economics PhD

  • “Digital economy multi-modeling” course, academic supervisor, Docent, Plekhanov Russian Academy of Sciences

  • Keune Design international school, Lecturer  

  • Specialist in management systems with 50+ successfully completed projects (biggest project in spa salons – Biosfera (2011-2012); current clients have spa zones (Health Club))

  • Author of proprietary method for boosting net profit of beauty & wellness industry businesses

  • Author of bestseller “Secrets of the beauty salon: guidance for practitioner directors"

  • Co-author of book «Administrator: 5 proven steps to success»

  • Speaker of beauty industry forums and conferences, including KI, NailExpo, Intercharm

  • 10+ years experience in beauty industry consulting

  • Held 40+ seminars on managing beauty salons in Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Minsk, Voronezh, Chelyabinsk, Nizhniy Novgorod, and other cities